Dear Amalia Community Member;
It is with extreme excitement I announce that yesterday, August 2, 2016 the Taos County Commissioner’s Board approved the RFP (Request for Procurement) for construction on the Amalia Community Center. The awarded contractor was Anissa Construction Co. out of Taos. The estimated construction time was initially reported to take 120 days. At the meeting, it was stated that it should not take more than 90 days once the contractor begins work.
Also, to address concerns regarding the amount of the bid being higher than the budget. Taos County has committed to infuse funds to cover the deficit and has budgeted money do so. Now, with that said, we also need to be reminded that this project does not include, painted walls, tiled floors, or a completed kitchen. For this final details, we will need to seek out legislative funds or other sources of funds to complete these details. It has not yet been determined whether or not these things can be done as an in-kind donation by community members.
This has been a long road, however we are now on the final stretch to seeing the building finished. The next step is finalizing the contract which I believe will be done between now and the next commissioner’s meeting.

Lastly, Amalia Neighborhood Association has decided to host a Chili and Salsa Contest on September 17. Please look out for details next week!